Crunchy Granola

"knuspur doesn't taste sweet at all" - that's what we often hear. "Oh, does it?" is our reply.


It's your crunchy granola, so why don't you have it just as sweet as you like? Whether it's with honey, syrup, fruit or – OMG! - sugar. Enjoy your
crunchy granola the way you like it.


That's the new sugar freedom. knuspur organic crunchy granola serves only the natural sweetness of its select organic ingredients. No added sugar, sugar subtitutes or fats. You can taste it.


knuspur crunchy granola is carefully put together and baked by hand in small batches. This way, each variety gets its unique flavour.


Our low-carb varieties are another ace up our sleeve: with 92% fewer carbs and 30% more protein than other crunchy granolas they're perfect for those who follow a low-carb
diet, such as sportspeople or diabetics.


No matter which variety of our organic crunchy granola you choose: you're guaranteed a healthy and sugar-free meal. Try it. Iss für dich.