But we are even more proud that we have brought a real fighter on board.

As we all know, sometimes life is really good and we would like to throw it all away, hide away and leave all the crap to the others. We also know it all too well!
In autumn 2016 we decided to go into business for ourselves with our crunchy mueslis. Our first child was just 3 months old and we had almost a month of hospitalization behind us because the little one was born two months early.

Life as a new parent was totally frightening anyway, and then there was this violent start to family life. Our money was just enough for the rent and food and Michael had already quit his job as an electrical engineer. But it didn't help, we had to bite ourselves because we wanted to bring the hottest crunchy muesli of all time to women and men at all costs.


So once again a warm welcome to the team knuspur dear Marina as our first professional sports knuspur ambassador !!

Sometimes it's worth sticking to your own dreams, ignoring others' warnings and well-intentioned advice, and doing your own thing!

We are really looking forward to our first ski season 2020/2021 with you and we sincerely wish that your skiing dreams come true.

Marina Wallner

The scene is already rumored and some of you have already suspected it, now it is official: We are really happy to have a real World Cup skier in the knuspur team - Marina Wallner! The Bavarian learned to ski from her father at the age of three and has since devoted her entire life to slalom with full dedication and ambition.
The 25-year-old is absolutely rightly driving for the German national ski team with considerable successes, of which we are of course very proud:

World Cup 4 times TOP 10 • World Cup 13 times TOP 15 • Participation in 2017 World Cup • Participation in OLYMPIA 2018 • 18 European Cup podium places • 3 times bronze medal Junior World Championship 2014

Marina Wallner_Slalom2.png

Now it was getting serious: After days of baking muesli at Hannes' in the Ährensache organic bakery in Cologne, we had our very first tasting at the farm festival at the Cologne organic farmer. That should be our baptism of fire, we wanted to present our mueslis (back then there were only two types) to the public for the first time.
In addition to the growing excitement, there were doubts and fear of failure. What if everyone just smiled at us and nobody was interested in our mueslis?
Against all common sense, we put everything on one card and dared to jump into the deep end. If the visitors of the Hofest hadn't given us such positive support in retrospect and if we hadn't been so convinced of our cause despite a few setbacks and stumbling blocks, there would certainly not be knuspur today.
Sometimes it just takes “cojones” and courage to face your fears and doubts and Marina has done that more than once! The Olympic participant had to put up with two injury-related breaks in the season in a row and, year after year, had to re-motivate herself and fight the fear of failure. Marina has never given up her dream to ski professionally and at the top of the world and has managed to fight and assert her way up in the Ski World Cup every time.