Crisp your way through Advent with knuspur!


Yeah, get your knuspur advent calendar now! How cool is that, all of our varieties are now available exclusively for you in 60g muesli bags.


Whether hanging, lovingly packed in boxes, hidden in stockings or buried in a Christmas basket, you will crunch through the Advent season for 24 days. And if you don't come to breakfast in the morning, no problem! The small pack fits comfortably in every jacket pocket and turns into your ToGo cereal snack for on the go or in between!

The advent calendar is also an absolute hit as a gift!


Have fun having breakfast, crunching and snacking.


What is inside:

4x knuspur coconutty

4x knuspur wild berry

4x knuspur mango-pineapply

3x crunchy pure cocoa

3x crunchy cherry-bananery

3x crunchy soy flaky

3x crunchy spelled flaky


Would you rather have your own knuspur advent calendar variety? No problem. After ordering, simply send us an email with the desired quantities of your desired varieties.


You can find the product descriptions for each type of muesli here:


knuspur soy flaky

knuspur coconutty

knuspur spelled flaky

knuspur wild berry

knuspur cherry-bananery

knuspur mango-pineapply

knuspur pure cocoa


Content 24x 60g



knuspur advent calendar