knuspur cherry-bananery subscription

You can't get enough of your favorite crunchy muesli? Then our knuspur subscription is just right for you!

With a subscription, you will automatically receive your knuspur muesli every month to your home or office or to your fitness studio and no longer have to worry about orders.

In addition, you also save money because we have significantly reduced the price of the muesli for you.


Content 1x 300g




knuspur cherry-bananery subscription

Price Options
3 Monate-Abo
sparen Sie 5% bei Ihrem 3 Monate knuspur-Abo
€6.05monthly/ 3 months
6 Monate-Abo
sparen Sie 10% bei Ihrem 6 Monate knuspur-Abo
€5.73monthly/ 6 months
sparen Sie 15% bei Ihrem knuspur Jahres-Abo
€5.41monthly/ 12 months
sparen Sie 20% bei Ihrem knuspur 2-Jahres-Abo
€5.10monthly/ 24 months