Insanely low-carb: 92% fewer carbs, 25% content of protein. Made possible by the crazy mixture of soy flakes, flaxseed and roasted seeds.

Softly melting coconut flakes drive the palate nuts. Delicately melting coconut flakes create a fascination on the palate.


knuspur coconutty low-carb is ideal for anyone who want to eat low in carbohydrates, such as athletes and diabetics.


knuspur coconutty low-carb tastes extra delicious with cottage cheese, yogurt and a little almonds. For your sugar freedom simply add a few slices of banana and apple.

Get ready to go!


Best of knuspur coconutty:

  • -92% Carbohydrates
  • 25% protein
  • -95% sugar content
  • without added sugar, sugar substitutes and fat
  • free of color, aroma and preservatives
  • knuspur mueslis are handmade, non-industrially produced organic products
  • no tricks - no frills - natural, honest, pure and delicious



Soy flakes*, Linseeds*, Almonds*,

Sunflower seeds*, Coconut flakes*,

Inulin from Agaves*, Pumpkin seeds*.

*from ecologically controlled cultivation


Average nutrition fact per 100g:

Calorific value 2306kJ (556kcal)
Fat 41,0g

- hereof saturated fatty acids 11,0g

Carbohydrates 6,0g

- hereof sugar 3,4g
Fibres 23,0g
Protein 25,0g
Salt 0,04g


Contains the following Allergens: Soy flakes, Almonds,
May contain traces of gluten and lupines.


Content 300g




knuspur coconutty